Government-enacted credit policies, dedicated to local poor households, have enabled around 10 million families nationwide to access preferential loans, allowing 2.4 million of them to escape from poverty.

The outcomes were highlighted in a report on the implementation of poverty reduction policies between 2005 and 2012, completed by the National Assembly Standing Committee in late May.

The credit policies have met the majority of poor households’ demands for loans, the document said.

By 2012, more than 3.26 million poor households had accessed a loan worth 16 million VND (752 USD) on average. The loans accounted for 53.1 percent of the total debit balance of the Vietnam Bank for Social Policies.

The committee has proposed the Government raise its preferential credit policies for the poor and adjust loan size limits, interest rate and duration based on the reality of each locality.

The achievements in poverty reduction work in the reviewed period have contributed considerably to national growth and the implementation of socio-economic development strategies and plans and national target programmes, the committee said.-VNA