A new book about General Vo Nguyen Giap tells the story of his childhood and youth in his beloved motherland.

Lieutenant General Pham Hong Cu compiled the book with the help of Giap's wife, Dang Bich Ha.

The book comprises four chapters: Que Huong (Homeland), Gia Dinh va Tuoi Tho (Family and Childhood), Tuoi Nien Thieu (Youth), Buoc Vao Doi (Stepping into Life) and Tuoi Hai Muoi (In his 20s).

Cu said he used treasured family letters and stories told from friends all over the world, as well as historical materials, to complete the story. The book was published according to specifications laid out by the late general before he died in 2013.

In 1960, Giap invited writer Huu Mai, Colonel Pham Chi Nhan and Cu to his house to discuss helping him write a biography.

The book, titled Dai Tuong Vo Nguyen Giap Thoi Tre (General Vo Nguyen Giap's Youth), will hit shelves this month.-VNA