New capital expected to pave way for first green city in Indonesia hinh anh 1Project Lead for Sustainable Landscape of Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) in Indonesia, Benjamin Tular (Photo:

Jakarta (VNA) - The Indonesian government’s plan of relocating its capital city from Jakarta to the eastern region of Kalimantan Island is perceived as a potential for the nation to develop a green city from scratch.

Project Lead for Sustainable Landscape of Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) in Indonesia, Benjamin Tular, opined that Indonesia had yet to have in place a proper green city that was planned as one.

The GGGI in Indonesia has worked in close collaboration with the Government of Indonesia in the decision-making process of selecting the new location of the capital city, Tular stated, adding that environmental services played a major role in the strategic environmental planning.

The decision to relocate the capital was based on a three-year research’s outcomes. President JokoWidodo has ensured that the development of the new capital will not harm the environment, while pledging that the East Kalimantan forest will be untouched.

Tularfurther affirmed that Indonesia already had safeguards in place to make the right decision that can reduce the negative impact of the relocation.

“We will then see whether Indonesia is serious in implementing these safeguards,” he stated, adding that involvement of all stakeholders, including people, was deemed necessary in ensuring that such safeguards are being applied accordingly.

The GGGI is an international organization promoting the development of green growth by collaborating with country members.

The Republic of Korea-headquartered institute has covered 28 countries across the Asia-Pacific, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East.

Green growth refers to an economic development approach that simultaneously considers the full range of economic, natural, and social values in order to ensure that growth is good for the economy, planet and people.-VNA