The National Assembly and the Government plan to issue and supplement 28 laws to concretise and implement the 2013 Constitution’s stipulations on human rights and citizen rights, according to Minister of Justice Ha Hung Cuong.

The minister said priority will be given to these laws so that most of them can be built and submitted to the National Assembly for consideration in the period of 2015-1016, adding that some are expected to be adopted within 2014.

Cuong stressed that in order to ensure the implementation of the 2013 Constitution, there will be a large amount of law building work. He said on the basis of the National Assembly’s resolution on the implementation of the 2013 Constitution, the Government has worked out a plan on the revision of laws, ordinances and other legal normative documents issued before the day the revised Constitution takes effect to ensure they abide by the new Constitution.

Minister Cuong affirmed that the 2013 Constitution marks great progress in terms of understanding and theoretical thinking regarding the recognition, respect, protection and guarantee of human rights as well as the fundamental rights and obligations of citizens.

He noted that in the 2013 Constitution, the chapter on human rights and citizens’ rights has been moved up to the second place, right after Chapter I on political regime. In the previous constitution, it was Chapter V. The chapter’s name has also been changed to “Human rights, basic rights and obligations of citizens”, instead of “Basic rights and obligation of citizens” as in the 1992 Constitution.

In addition, the new constitution also clearly says that human rights and citizens' rights may not be limited unless prescribed by a law solely in case of necessity for reasons of national defense, national security, social order and safety, social morality and community well-being.

These changes demonstrate a great change in awareness of the State towards the guarantee of human rights and citizen rights following the model of a law-governed socialist state.

The revised Constitution came into force from January 1, 2014. It has 11 chapters with 120 articles (one chapter and 27 articles fewer than the previous version).-VNA