New rom-com highlights Vietnamese women hinh anh 11990, a new movie by director Nhat Trung highlighting beautiful and successful Vietnamese women, stars famous actresses Ninh Duong Lan Ngọc, Nha Phương and Diem My 9x (left to right). The film is expected to be released in cinemas on April 30. (Photo courtesy of the producer)
HCM City (VNS/VNA) - The award-winning film producer and director, Nhat Trung, has announced a new project called 1990 that highlights the career and life of successful Vietnamese women.

1990 is a rom-com work revolving around a group of three close friends with different personalities. When all three women turn 30, they must face challenges in life, marriage, love and career. They learn to help each other to overcome problems.

Trung, who is also the film’s scriptwriter, told local media: “Most Vietnamese films’ leading characters are male, featuring topics about love. Not many films highlight female characters.”

The film stars famous actresses Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc, Nha Phuong and Diem My 9x, who were born in 1990 and turned 30 during the filming last year.

Trung said all three actresses were best friends in real life. Their lives were the inspiration for making 1990.

“In recent years, my studio has changed to develop topics which have been rarely mentioned in Vietnamese cinema,” Trung said, adding that his future projects may be less attractive to audiences.

Director Trung become known for his rom-com Cua Lai Vo Bau (Win My Baby Back) which was released in late January 2019, during the Tet (Lunar New Year) holiday.

The film raked in more than 191.8 billion VND (8.33 million USD) in ticket sales, one of the highest-grossing Vietnamese movies of all time. Nearly 2.7 million tickets were sold within two months.

The work features love themes using comedy and exciting action, starring Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc, winner of the Golden Kite award for Best Actress in 2010 and 2015, and famous comic actor Tran Thanh.

The film won the Silver Lotus Award for best movie at the 21st Vietnam National Film Festival in Ba Ria-Vung Tau in late November 2019.

It also brought Trung the prize for best scriptwriter, and Tran Thanh the prize for best leading actor.

Trung’s new movie 1990 is in post-production, and is expected to be released in cinemas on April 30./.