New TV series focuses on family values

A new TV series will hone in on the lives of a family living in Hanoi. Duoi Bong Cay Hanh Phuc (Under the Tree of Happiness), directed by Vu Truong Khoa, will be aired on VTV1 Channel from January 2023.
New TV series focuses on family values ảnh 1A scene in the new TV series (Photo courtesy of VFC)
Hanoi (VNS/VNA) - A new TV series will hone in on the lives of a family living in Hanoi. Duoi Bong Cay Hanh Phuc (Under the Tree of Happiness), directed by Vu Truong Khoa, will be aired on VTV1 Channel from January 2023.

Produced by the Vietnam Feature Film Centre (VFC) under Vietnam Television, the film shows a family living in a suburban area of Hanoi.

Its main character, Son, played by Kim Oanh, is a young woman who is busy taking care of her husband, children and in-law family. Son is inherently straightforward, kind, sincere and helpful to people.

However, her over-caring for others accidentally causes trouble for everyone. Being criticised, Son feels hurt and estranged even though she is living for everyone. She even risks running away from home to see "what this family would be like without her''.

However, through many events, Son understands that her husband, father-in-law and her husband's brothers may not know how to say thank you, but because of her, they can do everything.

As for Son's in-law family, they also understand that the family's happiness is everyone’s responsibility when the storm has passed. All are standing under the shade of this happy tree, so together, they must cultivate and nourish it for its growth.

The film also stars veteran actor Bui Nhu Lai who plays To, the elder brother of Son’s husband. A reputed name in stage art, Lai currently works as a director at Hanoi-based Tuoi Tre (Youth) and a lecturer in theatre, film and television acting at the University of Theatre and Cinema.

For the first time participating in a TV series project, artist Lai shared his feeling: "The first week, I was extremely inhibited and uncomfortable. I have stopped acting for the past 15 years but switched to directing. Working under the director and with other film crew made me feel uneasy. But after a week, I got used to the job and felt more comfortable working with the film crew and cooperating with other actors."

“This is an extremely valuable experience in my career journey,” he said.

Lai said he agreed to join this film project after receiving the invitation from director Vu Truong Khoa, who’s famous for Vietnamese blockbuster Song Chung Voi Me Chong (Living with Mother-in-law).

“Khoa was successful with a TV series about family issues. He left a good reputation among audiences and colleagues. That’s why I decided to join this project. The other reason is I want to experience the feeling of working with young artists and trying modern technology in shooting TV series,” he remarked.

Under the Tree of Happiness is expected to entertain TV viewers with new elements when folk singing and cultural activities of the northern region are integrated into the film.

"I want to convey my special feelings to the audience when encountering traditional cultural values around us in life,” director Khoa said.

VFC Deputy Director Le Manh said that he hoped the film would be loved by the audience, thanks to ordinary stories told through the perspective of the experienced director.

The film will be screened from Monday to Friday on VTV1./.

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