Director Do Quoc Trung and his peers joined a workshop in Hoi An last week for Vietnam's leading young filmmakers, under the guidance of Vietnamese-French director Tran Anh Hung, plus local directors Phan Dang Di and Bui Thac Chuyen.

Trung, 23, who graduated from Hanoi's Cinema and Stage College, has introduced his short screenplay "Dong Vao Mo Ra" (Heaven Island) at the four-day workshop, the Autumn Meet. He is hopeful production on the film can start next May.

"I hope my short film screenplay can win sponsorship for production. I have produced four or five short films so far and I want to make something new from a different angle, focusing on the lifestyles of young people," Trung said.

"Young men are always dynamic and eager to travel around the world. That's the reason I decided to choose a tough topic for this film. I want to explore their desires, inner thoughts and dreams," he said.

Trung's film script tells the life of an elevator operator in a trading centre. His only job is to press the floor button that visitors want to reach. It's his daily mission and he finds it very boring. However, his life changes when a pretty young girl arrives to work for a fashion company on the fourth floor.

He feels elated whenever the elevator stops at the fourth floor because he can see her when the door opens. He dreams that he falls in love with that girl on a white sandy beach. The elevator operator is then devastated when the girl changes her position and he can no longer see her face from the elevator. He finally quits his job and leaves the city on a bus. Where he leaves for, nobody knows.

Trung said he planned to shoot the film at a trading centre in Hanoi and Bai Tu Long Bay in Ha Long city. He said investment for the film would need to meet 112 million VND (5,300 USD).

Trung's short film, "Ca Chuoi" (Mother Never Cries), won first prize at a short film contest in Cambodia in March. The story is about a middle-aged woman who tries everything to find a girl to sleep with her mentally-challenged son. She fastidiously denies that there is anything wrong with her son and expects a grandson to maintain the family line. Trung said the film was completed in six months with an investment of 24 million VND (1,100 USD).

At the Autumn Meet, Da Nang-born Nguyen Trong Khoi also introduced his screenplay "Tinh Yeu va Du Hanh Thoi Gian". Khoi tells the story of a college student and his female teacher. The final-year student falls in love with the stubborn teacher strives to express his love and persuade the woman to reciprocate. He eventually finds true love.

Khoi's first short film, "Khong Co Gi Quy" (Even Just for One Day), was selected to compete at an international competition.

Autumn Meet organiser Dang Hoai Nam said it was the first time the event had been held in Da Nang city. "They are the youngest generation of film directors in Vietnam. The event was a chance for them to gain experience from senior and famous directors," Nam said.

"We hope Da Nang will host an International Film Festival next year. Da Nang and the central region needs to develop its film industry," Nam said, adding that the Autumn Meet would be organised annually in the central region to help this goal.-VNA