The National Election Committee (NEC) of Cambodia on December 21 officially stated that there will be no parliament re-election as demanded by the opposition Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP).

NEC spokesman Tep Nitha said the country’s constitution does not include any provision on the re-election of the parliament, that is why there will be nothing like that as demanded by the CNRP.

The statement was issued after Prime Minister Hun Sen told the opposition that Cambodia has no laws on the re-election, and rejected the party’s demand for his resignation.

Also on December 21, head of the CNRP Sam Rainsy stated that largest-ever demonstrations against the government will start on December 22

The public in Phnom Penh are showing their discontent with the opposition’s successive street marches over the past seven days, blaming those demonstrations as adversely affecting traffic and the daily life in the city.-VNA