Mong Bich is one of the pioneers in silk painting in Vietnam. She has inspired generations of women artists in the country.

Born in 1931 to a family of in interllectuals in Dong Ngac village (Hanoi) Bich was inspired by her brother and artist-architect friends and she wish to become a painter at a very young age. Her work mainly focused on daily life and ordinary people and she loved sketching what she saw on the streets.

Mong Bich has been overlooked in her home country but her paintings won plaudits overseas. She has a watercolour in the British Museum's collection.

At first, Mong Bich has hesitated over holding a solo show because she never thought of selling her paintings. After years, here children encouraged her to open her rist solo exhibition ever.

Aged almost 90, Mong Bich never stopped creating paintings because she considered painting as an daily routine like having dinner. Everyday, she picks a spot on the floor, check the light and sits down to paint./.