Dinh Cong Jewelry craft village is of the oldest, most quintessential craft jobs in the old Thang Long capital. The village is now different as the furnaces are no longer fiery red. Whereas the artisans are here to stay, to keep what is called “the soul of the village.”

Artisan Quach Van Truong is renowned in Dinh Cong for his experience and knowledge. He devoted more than 60 years of his life for this traditional job.

At the age of ten, he started helping the family with the first steps. It later took him seven years to become a skilled jeweler.

Currently, he and his son Quach Phan Tuan Anh are owner of a jewelry workshop of 10 workers doing the toughest part in the making is “dau bac” - the process of winding thin silver strings to make up shapes, patterns or fine details.

For many other jobs, learning to do and earning from it may not take too much time. For “dau bac” or a jeweler in general, becoming a skilled craftsman can sometimes take many years.

Though the income is fine, preserving the tradition of the village is a challenge.

Thanks to the love and desire to pass on the craft job, the small workshop of Truong and his son kept growing crowded. Hopefully the fiery love for the jewelry making can glow on for the generations to come in Dinh Cong./.