Built in 971 during the reign of Emperor Dinh Tien Hoang, Dong Ngo Pagoda is also known as Cuu Pham Pagoda. Over the past 20 years, Monk Thich Thanh Thang, who oversees the pagoda, has travelled to many places to collect old stone objects that are typical of the northern countryside. He has collected over 2,000 artifacts so far, such as stone mortars, pillars, towers, shafts, steles, and incense burners, weighing a total of nearly 200 tons. Many visitors who come to the pagoda to worship are impressed by its massive collection.

Among the objects on display, stone mortars, stone pillars, and rice mill shafts are the most common, neatly arranged from outside of the entrance to the courtyard inside. They are also used as embankment around the pagoda’s ponds or placed at the base of old trees and walls.

To preserve these unique stone items, local authorities have coordinated with and supported the pagoda.

Each stone artifact at the pagoda possesses a certain cultural and historical value and significance. The collection represents the work and daily lives of people in the Red River Delta over the past thousand years./.