Voters and people across the country have by far sent over 1,700 opinions covering a wide range of fields to the National Assembly (NA) in the lead to the law-making body’s fifth session, which is to convene on May 20.

Regarding the draft amendments to the 1992 Constitution, they suggested that relevant agencies collect comments on the legal document fully and accurately and acquire them seriously while explaining unsuitable opinions to improve the quality of the alternative draft.

They proposed the NA and Government continue tackling stagnant production and trading by making it easier for enterprises to access loans.

At the same time, the Government was suggested taking drastic measures to reshuffle state-owned enterprises, as well as determinedly halt operations of those which generate losses and mismanage the State capital and assets.

According to them, synchronous and sweeping solutions should be put in place to deal with serious environmental pollution, deforestation, rampant mineral mining, unhygienic food and food with unclear origins.

The voters and people asked the Government to continue prioritising the improvement of infrastructure and quality of medical check-ups and treatment at district-level hospitals, as well as build more hospitals to ease overcrowding at central-level facilities.

They said the quality of training for doctors and medical staff should be improved, specifically proposing the rotation of skilled doctors working at central-level hospitals to local-level medical facilities.

Additionally, the Ministry of Education and Training should move to better educational quality and clamp down on bad-quality schools, they added.

As for the fight against corruption, the State agencies must enhance inspection, examination and supervision. They must promptly and seriously deal with cases involved corruption and wastefulness, especially the serious, complex cases that caught the public’s concern.

At the same time, the legislature was suggested to keep a close watch on law compliance in the areas prone to corruption, wastefulness and negatives like the management of land, natural resources and minerals, construction investment, finance and public asset administration.

They called on the Government to direct ministries, departments and People’s Committees at all levels to focus on handling unsettled, complex petitions lodged by groups of people.

On the other hand, they recommended prioritizing the making of institutions to deal with complaints and denunciations. Particularly, the Law on Reception of Citizens should be submitted to the Government soon for adoption.

They hailed the issuance of a Resolution on casting confidence’s votes on those holding positions elected or approved by the NA and the People’s Councils.

They said the NA should boost supervision while asking the ministers and heads of State agencies to hold responsible for running the sectors under their watch.

The fulfillment of promises made by the Cabinet members at the NA and NA Standing Committee’s question-and-answer sessions should be closely overseen, the voters said./.