Over 40 Javan pangolins released into the wild hinh anh 1Javan pangolins (Photo: Internet)
 Hanoi (VNA) – The Wildlife Research and Conservation Centre (WRCC) and Cuc Phuong National Park have recently successfully released 46 Javan pangolins into the wild.

Most of the pangolins were rescued after local police seized an illegal transport of the species in Thai Binh.

The rescued pangolins have been provided with checkups and attached identity chips before they were released.

Nguyen Van Thai, Director of the WRCC, said the centre has received more pangolins due to improvement in cooperation with relevant agencies.

However, it is not just about rescuing and releasing, he added, the more importance is to improve law enforcement and to stop wild animal trafficking.

Pangolins are the most traded animals in the world. Vietnam has two species, the Sunda Pangolin (or Javan Pangolin) and the Chinese Pangolin. Both are critically endangered, on the brink of extinction in the wild.

The WRCC has released a total of 99 Java pangolins in the past three months.-VNA