Vietnam’s investment environment has improved due to stable macro policies and high-quality human resources, successful French and overseas Vietnamese entrepreneurs have declared.

The positive remarks were made at a ceremony in Paris on September 24 where businesspeople who have helped promote Vietnamese growth were thanked and presented with the insignia “For the development of Vietnam ’s industry and trade sector.”

According to French businessman Jacques de Chateauvieux, who has invested 150 million EUR in a series of projects in Vietnam, French enterprises in the country have succeeded in the market thanks to the assistance of local staff, clear legal guidance and the support of local and national authorities.

Vietnam ’s investment environment has vastly improved over nearly two decades. Now legal documents clearly define the ways for investors to operate, infrastructure facilities are developing quickly and the country’s policy of ensuring stable investments has created favourable conditions for foreign enterprises, he said.

He also praised the quality of Vietnam ’s human resources, commenting that local staff not only perform their tasks well but also have creative ideas.

Chateauvieux, who founded Cora supermarket - the first of its kind in Vietnam and the precursor to the Big C chain - said his firms in Vietnam have worked hard to have their products recognised in foreign markets, thus increasing people’s faith in goods of Vietnamese origin and boosting the country’s trademark.

At the ceremony, Minister of Industry and Trade Vu Huy Hoang also awarded his ministry’s insignia to overseas Vietnamese entrepreneurs Tong Van Kiet and Nguyen Hai Nam for their contributions to increasing the export of Vietnamese goods in France and promoting investment projects in Vietnam.-VNA