Foregoing both a museum and an exhibition house, a painting and installation exhibition showcasing the beauty of Vietnamese nature and life was held at a market fair in Thanh Hoa province, with a view to bringing Vietnamese art closer to the public.

On this day, Bia market fair in Thach Thanh district, Thanh Hoa province is totally different from other days, with an exhibition space, entitled “Rung xoe 3”, arranged for various colourful paintings and installations from 22 popular artists.

Earlier this year, more than 60 artworks were displayed on the banks of Dong Ngu Lake in Thach Thanh district, raising public awareness about the environment, climate change, and world peace.

The exhibition then came to Bia market fair, where artists created and told their own stories, helping local market-goers gain a deeper insight into art.

Art truly is life, and is not at all difficult to understand. However, there are few exhibitions like this that help rural people understand the beauty beneath what they see./.