The Secretariat of the Party Central Committee has required Party organisations at all levels and local authorities and organisations across the country to intensify their leadership of efforts to prevent drug crimes in line with the Politburo’s Instructive No. 21/CT/TW.

Under a recently issued statement, the Secretariat said it is necessary to consider drug prevention as a key and urgent task that need to be implemented with the involvement of the whole political system and people.

The document also highlighted the need for Party organisations at all levels to give clear and stringent directions to achieve the aims set forth in the National Drug Control Strategy in Vietnam to 2020, with a vision to 2030.

Meanwhile, the National Assembly, people’s councils at all levels and socio-political organisations have been urged to enhance their supervision of this work.

Campaigns to raise awareness of the harmful effects of drugs, especially synthetic drugs and addictive substances, also need to be further enhanced, the statement said. It added that these should predominantly target high-risk groups, including youngsters, students and people in remote areas.

In addition, the quality of detoxification centres should be improved, while expanding community-based rehabilitation models and consulting services to support addict s and rolling out methadone therapy to drug users.

Efforts to prevent drug smuggling into Vietnam, especially in border localities, international airports and sea ports should be intensified, as should the detection and closure of drug-producing facilities and the eradication of poppy cultivation in the country.

The statement concluded that will continue to improve its legal system on drug prevention and mobilise forces to fight illicit drug abuse and trafficking.

Vietnam will also focus on promoting cooperation with countries that share border lines, those with experience in responding to drug production and supply and international and non-governmental organisations, as it looks to combat drug-related crimes.-VNA