A new Prime Ministerial Decree offers preferential policies for overseas Vietnamese and foreign experts in science and technology working in Vietnam.

Their relatives, including parents, spouses and children under the age of 18, will be granted multiple-entry visas or temporary residence permits in accordance with the law. During their stay in Vietnam, they will receive support to find appropriate accommodation, jobs and research opportunities in academic institutions.

Individuals with orders or titles granted by the Vietnamese State will be considered for permanent residence.

Overseas Vietnamese and foreign experts will be able to work for scientific-technological agencies and supervise the innovation process.

To qualify for the preferential policies, individuals need to have developed patents or seed varieties that are protected by intellectual property laws in their countries.

Individuals with ground-breaking peer-reviewed research, a doctorate degree and three years’ working experience in prestigious institutions and companies are also able to apply.

In some cases, individuals who do not meet the above requirements might still be considered eligible by the Ministry of Science and Technology, other ministries and the Prime Minister, based on their employers’ needs.

The decree will enter into force on November 10, 2014.-VNA