The Philippine Agriculture Department has denied reports that the National Food Authority will import an additional 100,000 tonnes of rice from either Vietnam or Thailand this year.

Spokesman Rex Estoperez was quoted by the Manila Standard Today newspaper as saying that that there were no discussions in the NFA Council for addition rice imports from either of the two above-mentioned countries.

“There are no plans for an additional importation. This has never been discussed,” Estoperez said.

An NFA administrator was quoted by the as saying that the Philippines government has no plan to import any additional rice this year as existing supply is enough to meet the consumption demand. He also said any rice imports by the country require the submission of a proposal to the NFA Council, but there is no such document.

The NFA is considering legal actions against the false news reporting agencies, he added.

The Philippines, under the World Trade Organization, committed to a minimum access volume (MAV) of 350,000 tonnes of rice. MAV refers to the minimum volume of farm produce allowed in the country at a favourable 40-percent tariff, while shipments outside MAV pay higher rates.

According to, the Philippines has so far this year imported 207,500 tonnes of rice, lower than last year’s figure of 500,000 tonnes.

It currently has a country-specific quota for Thailand with an allocation of 98,000 tonnes, China with 25,000 tonnes, India with 25,000 tonnes and Australia with 15,000 tonnes.-VNA