Nearly 1,000 students from secondary schools in the southern province of Kien Giang ’s Phu Quoc island district on November 30 joined a festival of protecting dugong, a species facing extinction in Vietnam.

The event, which was jointly organised by the Wildlife at Risk (WAR) organisation and the Phu Quoc Maritime Conservation Area, also called for the engagement of locals, local officials, students and tourists in the work.

According to Do Thi Huyen, WAR’s Wildlife Education Manager, the festival is a chance for people to pay more attention to the protection of dugong and rare sea animals in general.

The preservation of Dugong as well as sea resources can only be successful with the support and positive involvement of all people and different agencies, she said.

Participants at the event also marched many streets to spread the message of joining hands in conserving rare maritime animals in Phu Quoc.

On the occasion, a contest for short plays staged by local schoolchildren was held, also on the theme of protection of dugong and other sea animals.

During this academic year, wildlife education has been integrated into the curriculum of seventh grade at schools across the island district.-VNA