The southern central coastal province of Phu Yen officially re-opened the Da Dien estuary at 16:00h on March 5, allowing local fishermen to sail to sea for the first time since the lunar New Year.

The estuary has been clogged with silt, preventing nearly 350 ships of local fishermen from sailing while the tuna catching season has started.

The local authorities have employed a company to open a new estuary about 80m to the north from the existing Da Dien rivermouth.

The new estuary is nearly 150m wide and 4m deep, allowing large fishing boats to pass safely.

Phan Thuan, chairman of the local fishermen’s association said local fishermen normally set out for tuna fishing on the sixth day of the lunar year, which fell on February 24 this year. He added that the fishermen were relieved when the new estuary was opened.

Provincial fishermen currently operating at sea informed that they had a good catch with between 1.5 tonnes to 3 tonnes per boat.

The tuna fishing season usually lasts from the first to the fourth months in the lunar calendar.

So far this year fishermen in Phu Yen have caught nearly 570 tonnes of tuna.-VNA