Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung has called for the simplification of administrative procedures in the field of natural resources and environment, especially relating to land, to make them more convenient for both people and management agencies.

The PM’s request came in his meeting with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MoNRE) and relevant ministries on May 26 to seek solutions to cut administrative procedures in the field, which will improve the business environment and raise national competitiveness.

Transparent and explicit administrative procedures will reduce corruption and help build a workforce of professional, skilled and virtuous civil servants, the PM declared.

He urged 22 provinces to swiftly publish the administrative procedures required relating to land, and 49 localities to open land registration offices.

The PM also asked the MoNRE to re-examine the exploitation of sand in rivers and carefully examine the possible impacts on the environment, while also reviewing whether the granting of licences to seaside projects may potentially damage the nation’s landscapes.

MoNRE’s Minister Nguyen Minh Quang, said the reform of administrative procedures in the field of natural resources and environment has achieved positive progress with many mechanisms, policies and regulations simplified. This has made it more transparent and convenient for organisations and individuals, he claimed.

According to Quang, the time for completing most procedures has been reduced. For instance, the procedures for granting certificates have been cut by 5 to 25 days, while in some provinces the procedures for the registration of land-use rights have reduced up to 50 percent.

Many ministries and sectors, however, said that a number of regulations and administrative procedures within the realm of the MoNRE need to be revised and improved to make them more suitable.-VNA