Popular Japanese ehon characters arrive in Hanoi hinh anh 1Children enjoy picture books at The World of Ehon – Meet the Famous Twin Voles Guri and Gura exhibition at the Japan Foundation Centre for Cultural Exchange (Photo courtesy of the Mogul Ehon project)

Hanoi (VNS/VNA) - Young Vietnamese fans of Japanese ehon picture books are getting their hands on the latest releases at the Japan Foundation Centre for Cultural Exchange in Vietnam and Mogu Ehon.

The World of Ehon – Meet the Famous Twin Voles Guri and Gura exhibition is being co-held by the centre and the Mogu Ehon project.

The series is about a twin voles called Guri and Gura created by sisters Rieko Nakagawa and Yuriko Omura (Yamawaki).

They were first published in 1963 as a short ehon series titled An Egg on Mother’s companion, a magazine for parents.

Guri and Gura quickly became popular after appearing in the ehon magazine Children's Companion.

The series, which consists of 19 volumes including the most popular seven, has been translated into 14 languages with over 20 million prints throughout the world.

At the exhibition, children can view nine printed paintings taken from the first series and drawings of Guri and Gura.

“The originals are normal books,” said Tran Phuong Thao from the project. She added that the books were brought from Japan for visitors to enjoy at the exhibition.

“Ehon is quite different from manga which is popular for Doraemon or Detective Conan in Vietnam. Ehon has more drawings more than manga. It inspires preschool children to imagine and think,” Thao said.

The two Vietnamese versions are among the most popular seven episodes which the Mogu Ehon project holds the copyright to.

Before leaving the exhibition, the visitors can pick up the recipe for the Castella cake made by the two voles.

The exhibition will run until September 30 at 27 Quang Trung Street. Opening times from 9am to 6pm with free entrance./.