The northern province of Thai Nguyen hosted a solemn ceremony on May 19 to mark the 65 th year since President Ho Chi Minh came to the safety zone of Dinh Hoa in the province to lead the resistance war against the French colonists.

President Truong Tan Sang and other Party and State leaders attended the event, which also celebrated the 122 nd birthday of President Ho Ho .

Thai Nguyen was one of the three northern mountainous provinces selected by President Ho to establish revolutionary bases in the resistance war against the French colonialists.

On May 20, 1947, the President arrived at the safety zone in Dinh Hoa district, which was subsequently set up as the headquarters of the Party and Government.

Many important policies and decisions were made in this “top secrete place” such as decisions to launch the autumn-winter campaign in 1947 and the border campaign in 1950, as well as the Dien Bien Phu campaign in 1954.

Sixty three communes in Thai Nguyen have been recognised as safety zones during the resistance war. The Dinh Hoa safety zone alone has 128 revolutionary historical relic sites which witnessed major changes during the period.

On the occasion, the Dinh Hoa safety zone is honoured as a special national relic site. The event once again affirms the special position and role held by Dinh Hoa in the resistance war for national liberation.

Speaking at the event, President Sang congratulated local people on the great honour.

The celebration is a chance to review the nation’s revolutionary history and raise national pride of the glorious tradition of the Party, the provincial Party Committee and people nationwide while consolidating confidence and resolve to uphold and develop the tradition in the new period, Sang said.

Over the past nearly 30 years, especially 15 years since its reestablishment, Thai Nguyen has recorded significant achievements, rising from the position of a poor and underdeveloped locality to become one of economic, cultural, educational and training centres in the northern mountainous region.

The State leader expressed his hope that the province will overcome all difficulties and challenges to successfully fulfill set targets to further contribute to the nation’s renewal and construction process.-VNA