Procuracy sector bolsters anti-corruption efforts hinh anh 1Defendants in a corruption case at an Agribank branch are brought to trial in December 2015 (Photo: VNA)

Hanoi (VNA) – The Supreme People’s Procuracy of Vietnam (SPPV) has taken drastic actions and reaped encouraging outcomes in the implementation of the Law on Corruption Prevention and Control and the enhancement of the Party’s leadership in crime fight.

The SPPV held a teleconference in Hanoi on January 27 to review the realisation of the law, which was approved in 2005, and Directive No. 48-CT/TW, issued by the Politburo in 2010, on increasing the Party’s leadership in the fight against crime.

A report delivered at the function said that the procuracy sector has stepped up law dissemination, professional activities and coordination with investigation agencies and courts to enquire into, prosecute and bring to trial corruption cases.

Many major corruption cases have been brought to light and handled stringently, the report noted, adding that procuracies at all levels dealt with 2,910 cases involving 7,456 people, with 2,583 cases and 5,782 people prosecuted, during the past decade.

Meanwhile, efforts have also been made to carry out the Politburo directive. A number of provincial procuracies have advised local Party committees on crime prevention and combat, while employing various measures to fully and timely supervise courts’ verdicts and judgements.

All-level procuracies prosecuted 295,594 criminal cases with 529,663 defendants during the last five years. They also made 2,565 requests for investigation violation correction and 852 others for violation and crime prevention, statistics show.

At the conference, participants also pointed out obstacles to the execution of the anti-corruption law and the Politburo directive. They also suggested measures to fine-tune the law and better carry out the directive in the future.-VNA