The prospect for generating bio-fuels was the main theme of a seminar that took place in the Mekong delta city of Can Tho on Sept. 16.

At the function, Vietnamese and Japanese researchers discussed solutions to effectively use biofuels in tropical countries, especially in the Mekong Delta provinces and cities of Vietnam .

According to researches, the Mekong delta is home to tra fish fat, physic nut tree (Jatropha L), elephant grass (Pennisetum Purpureum), sesame, soya beans, ground nuts, bagasse, straw, sea weed and other materials that can be turned into biological fuels.

Prof. Dr. Yutaka Hirata from the Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology told the seminar that the countryside brings the greatest benefit to the economy when it enriches itself with materials for the production of bio fuels.

He also said that Japan has not enough materials for biofuel production and that only tropical regions like the Mekong delta in Vietnam can provide such diversified materials.

However, he added, inappropriate attention has been paid to the use of the valuable materials.

At present, only the Minh Tu Biofuels Co. Ltd. in Can Tho City processed tra and basa fish fat into biodiesel for export./.