QR Pay changes Vietnamese people’s cash payment habit hinh anh 1QR Pay is changing cash payment habits of Vietnamese people (Source: Vietnam+)

Hanoi (VNA) - With many outstanding advantages, users’ acceptance of the payment, the connection between banks - businesses - state policies ... has helped build trust towards QR Pay. Therefore, QR Pay is expected to become an alternative payment method for cash spending habit of Vietnamese people in the future.

Impressive growth figures

According to the latest statistics, after more than two years of implementation, the QR Pay payment solution has recorded more than 3 million transactions; monthly user growth rate of over 30 percent. There were more than 20,000 transaction points accepting VNPAY-QR codes.

In particular, QR Pay has covered all areas from catering, shopping, supermarkets, taxis, coaches, electric, TV, internet bills ... These figures show a positive future of QR Pay - a payment solution that is promised to play a crucial role in the process of targeting the  Government’s cashless society.

Scan is for payment - New payment style

It only takes Ms. Nguyet, an office worker in Hanoi, a few seconds for the banking application to scan the VNPAY - QR code and then authenticating with a fingerprint, to finish paying for the recent taxi trip.

“If I used cash or a card before, I will spend a lot of time opening the wallet, paying and waiting for changes, or signing an invoice after using a card… So now using QR Pay is a quick and convenient payment way,” said Nguyet.

Thu Huyen, an interpreter in Hanoi, has chosen QR Pay application for most of her transactions, from utilities payment such as electricity, water, taxi bills to shopping, ordering food, paying for a small cup of coffee ...

"For nearly a year now, when I was out of the house, I didn't need to carry a wallet, but just a phone with a banking app installed," Huyen said.

Meanwhile, Ms. Thanh Nga, who works for an international business in Hanoi, also shared her thoughts that QR Pay is changing her payment habits as well as millions of other young customers because it is convenient and safe.

Currently, QR Pay is gradually coming to life, popular as a modern and convenient payment style in the fourth industrial lifestyle of part of Vietnamese people - especially young customers, who are living in big city.

With QR Pay (QR Code), customers can easily pay the catering services, shopping, taxi fares, air tickets without bringing cash or bank cards. They just need to process some simple operations such as scanning code, entering information, authenticating on their phone mobile

Nghia is the final year student of a design school in Ho Chi Minh City. As he often wears minimalist outfit, he doesn’t want to carry a thick wallet with him. By opting for VNPAY-QR, he can perform transactions without the need for cash. When going to coffee, eating out with friends or shopping ... he just needs to use the phone, scan the code and “you're done.” "Just fast and extremely stylish," – Nghia said.

Outstanding advantages of QR Pay compared to many other forms of mobile payment today are it is integrated on banking applications, users do not need to download additional applications, users’ credit or debit cards are linked, and they do not have to transfer money back and forth for a payment.

Payment by QR Pay is also considered to be safer and more secure. That helps customers to fully control the payment process on their mobile phone, no need to provide account numbers, card numbers to anyone or have to use internet banking when shopping online./.