Over 200m of steel embankment was completed in the central province of Quang Nam as an urgent intervention to prevent tidal waves from encroaching on Cua Dai beach.

The steel embankment is also reinforced with sand sacks to manage tidal waves and protect coastal properties.

Hoi An city is accelerating the construction of another 500m of steel embankment before this year’s raining season.

Hoi An’s Party Committee Secretary Nguyen said that even though the province and city has invested in different types of dykes to hold back strong tides and waves, erosion is continuing to affect the locality.

The city will consult experts and research all available options to find the most effective and sustainable solution, he said, adding that the Central level should provide the necessary support.

Hoi An city comprises a 7km coastline, including a number of beaches that are popular with tourists. So far, a 714m dyke system has been completed. However, the dyke system is not comprehensive enough, resulting in water levels encroaching upon the coastal street, threatening local tourism and residents’ day-to-day lives.-VNA