Several individuals of the rare amphibious species, named Ca coc san in Vietnamese and known scientifically as Echinotriton asperrimus, have been found living on Hem mountain at Thanh Son district, the northern province of Phu Tho.

According to Tran Dang Lau, Deputy Director of the provincial department of forest management, this is the second time the species, which usually live at a height of 700 metres above sea level, has been found in the locality.

This lizard-shaped amphibious species is only 5-7cm long. Its skin is covered with small nodules. Its forelegs have four fingers while the hindleg have five ones. The back and abdomen are dark brown.

Lau said this is a particularly rare species subject to protection in Vietnam and the world.

In 2003, some individuals of this species was also discovered in Ten mountain in the Xuan Son National Park, which is about 30km from mountain Hem.-VNA