Experts have confirmed that the bovine found in the buffer zone of the Sao La Reserve Park in the central province of Quang Nam is a kind of rare bull listed as a vulnerable animal needing urgent conservation.

According to Nguyen Manh Ha, an expert at the Centre for Natural Resources and Environmental Studies of the Hanoi National University, the mature male has the scientific name Bos Gaurus.

The animal, which weighs nearly one tonne with black fur and a long horn, was filmed in Song Voi village in Zo Ngay commune, Dong Giang district by a local teacher on April 4. The recording was then sent to the local authorities for verification.

Protection measures are being increased to protect the rare animal from hunters.

The species is native to South and Southeast Asia. It was listed as vulnerable on the IUCN Red List of threatened species in 1986. Its numbers are likely to have fallen by well over 70 percent during the last three generations.-VNA