After a long freefall of the real estate market, some real estate segments have now started to warm up, the Vietnam Business Forum Magazine (VBF) said, adding that many real estate experts believe that the real estate market has passed bottom and entered a period of recovery.

Dang Duc Thanh, Director of the Vietnam Economist Club (VEC), said that if the government continues to support real estate businesses in solving inventory and bad debts, right in the third quarter of 2014 and early 2015, the real estate market will occur a price increase, along with that, the liquidity of the market will be improved.

Neil MacGregor, CEO of Savills Vietnam said that Vietnam's real estate market was in an attractive period when the market reached the bottom and the signs of recovery were becoming more visible.

Vietnam real estate market is in the bottom point of the development cycle, whereas in many other Asian markets, their cycles are at the highest position, so they are likely to fall sharply in the coming years. For the reasons stated above, Neil MacGregor believed that Vietnam would become an important destination for real estate investors in the region and around the world.

Neil MacGregor said that currently, some customers of Savills Vietnam from Japan, Singapore and the Republic of Korea were planning to develop long-term residential projects with large scale in Vietnam in the coming time. This is seen as proof of the attractiveness of the real estate market in Vietnam for foreign investors.

Phan Thanh Mai, General Secretary of Vietnam Real Estate Association also stated that Vietnam's real estate market was coming out of the bottom period. After a long period of time facing difficulty in liquidity, the investors listen more and are willing to cooperate and negotiate with foreign investors. Accordingly, the mergers and acquisitions (M&A) also took place. The market has been screening out potential investors in finance with extensive experience in real estate towards a more professional real estate market in the future.

Mai said that in the integration trend, with increasingly intense competition, domestic investors have made transparent their projects through the audit report, transparent information, creating opportunities for M&A between big companies. This is beneficial for long-term development and stability on the property market.

In recent years, thanks to the efforts of the foreign investors and management agencies in the country, the events of M&A have been held more often to create opportunities for foreign and domestic investors to meet, exchange information and learn each other's needs.

Phan Thanh Mai added that 8 major banks piloting the linked programme between 4 players, namely investors - constructors - suppliers of building materials – banks, with the purpose of overcoming difficulties and boosting consumption of inventory and building materials was obtaining positive signals.

The Vietnam Construction Bank has implemented appraisal and lent a total capital of 5,000 billion VND to about 20 projects with interest rates around 12 percent/ year. This amount will be disbursed according to time schedule of each project.-VNA