Explorers of Vietnam and Germany have discovered a lava cave in the southern province of Dong Nai, which they said is the longest of its kind in Southeast Asia.

Scientists of the Vietnam Institute of Tropical Biology and the Berlin Speleoclub of Germany made the finding during a two-month survey of 11 lava caves in Dong Nai’s Tan Phu and Dinh Quan districts.

Locally known as Hang Doi ( Bat Cave ), the arch-shaped cave, located in Phu Loc commune, Tan Phu district, comprises of two parts called Bat Cave No 1 and Bat Cave No 2.

According to the exploring team, the bigger part of the cave measures about 426 metres long, while the total length of both parts is 534m. The region’s longest lave cave discovered earlier was the 400m-long Gua Lawah in Indonesia .

The largest section of Bat cave is 4 metres high and 10 metres wide. The cave got the name from the large number of bats which make the arc-shaped cave their home.

German scientists say they plan to make a full report of these findings, completed with maps and descriptions of the cave complex, which will be published in the club’s publication - Speleological Berlin Speleoclub.

Local authorities have called on people to protect the complex and stop catching bats in the cave to preserve biological diversity of the site.-VNA