Regular int’l flights suggested to resume from December 15

The Ministry of Transport has proposed the pilot resumption of regular international flights carrying international passengers to Vietnam from December 15.

In a recent report submitted to the Prime Minister, the MoT proposed the resumption be carried out in two phases.

The first phase will last for two weeks, starting on December 15, during which regular flights between Vietnam and the destinations with high safety will be conducted, including Beijing, Tokyo, Seoul, Bangkok, Singapore, and San Francisco.

Meanwhile, the second phase will last for one month after the first one concludes, starting in January 2022.

The ministry said it is necessary to resume regular international flights carrying passengers to Vietnam.

It cited the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as saying that Vietnamese citizens’ demand for returning to the homeland is now on the rise, especially when the New Year and Lunar New Year holidays are coming. Besides, there is also a large number of foreigners planning to go to the country for work, investment, business, and tourism purposes.

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