Wine lovers, sommeliers and hotel managers in Hanoi on April 22 were offered a chance to taste Malbec, Argentina’s world-renowned wine.

Organised by the Argentinean Embassy, the event, soundtracked by authentic tango, was named “Cinematango, to the sound of Malbec.” It provided guests with an immersion in the culture and spirit of Argentina.

It also allowed Argentinean producers to present their Malbec wines in Vietnam, where the drink is not well known due to the market domination of French and Chilean wines.

Argentinean Ambassador Claudio Gutierrez said that this event was inspired by the annual Malbec World Day, which last year saw 106 activities organised in 76 cities across 50 countries.

Argentina is the largest wine producer in Latin America and the world’s ninth biggest exporter of the beverage. Malbec accounts for 72 percent of the country’s wine output.

“Cinematango”, linking tango music and movies, was performed by Osvaldo Montes and his group. It is one of Osvaldo Montes’ most well-known stage performances since its premiere in Montreal, Canada in 2002.

“Cinematango, to the sound of Malbec” was also played at the festival 2014.-VNA