The Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment (MoNRE) announced the 2011 report on the country’s bio-diversity, in Hanoi on October 30.

The report, the second of its kind, includes four chapters, including an overview of current bio-diversity; the reasons behind the falling bio-diversity; mechanisms, policies and the human resources needed to retain bio-diversity; trends in bio-diversity and the way forward over the next five years.

The report shows a rapid decrease in the nations bio-diversity compared to 2005, the year the first national report on bio-diversity was published.

To minimise the impacts and pressures on bio-diversity, the report defines challenges to bio-diversity and puts forward tasks and solutions that need to be carried out between now and 2016 to increase the efficiency of bio-diversity conservation in Vietnam.

According to Dr. Pham Anh Cuong, head of the Bio-Diversity Conservation Department, the report is based on information and research provided by ministries, agencies, localities and prestigious scientific and technological research organisations in Vietnam , with help from the country’s leading managers and scientists.

With its highly-reliable information, the report will assist central and local agencies to draw up bio-diversity conservation plans and programmes. At the launching ceremony, MoNRE held a seminar to gather opinions on the draft National Strategy on bio-diversity up to 2020 with a view to 2030.-VNA