Exemplary ancient religious and folk dances warmed up the capital Hanoi, which is being hit by a chill weather, with performances staged by amateurs, on February 13.

Among them, “Cap Sac” (coming-of-age) dance of the Dao ethnic people has been recognised as a piece of the national intangible cultural heritage. Meanwhile, “hau dong” (mediumship) dance is the one accompanying “Chau van” spiritual singing, which is also part of the national treasure.

Chairman of the Hanoi Literature and Arts Union Nguyen Viet Bang said they plan to revitalise and record between 35 and 40 most unique dances so as to popularise them among Vietnamese and foreign public.

This year’s festival was the fourth of its kind held so far. The earlier events in 2007, 2008 and 2009 honoured more than 20 ancient dances.-VNA