A group of consultants from the Republic of Korea has presented to Can Tho city leaders a project touted as a bold initiative which will turn the Mekong Delta city into a city of happiness.

At the March 13 working session with Can Tho officials, Kim Hak Min, Dean of the Industry-Academy Cooperation from the RoK’s Soon Chun Hyang University, said once the project, named “Hon ca dieu mong uoc” (Beyond expectation), is completed, Can Tho will become a leading industrialised city in ASEAN.

Kim, who is also the special consultant to the city, said around 500ha of land is needed to construct a complex of industrial parks, a technology centre, and tourism, entertainment and residential areas, among others.

The project will be funded through assistance from the RoK Government and other countries, he noted, adding that consultants will help the city design strategic policies attracting foreign investors and provide them with information on local human resources and investment opportunities.

The Korean advisors suggested Can Tho strongly develop the railway system in addition to road and waterway networks since a developed railway system will help cut down transport expenses and attract more foreign investments.

A Chinese construction company has expressed interest in building railways linking Can Tho with Ho Chi Minh City and Cambodia’s Siem Reap and Phnom Penh, Kim said.

At the working session, municipal officials appreciated the project and expressed their willingness to coordinate with the consultants to realise this idea.

They underscored that the project implementation must be in line the city’s development orientations set by the Government. Meanwhile, the proposal on railway development will need further study.-VNA