In 1909, French archaeologist M.Vinet discovered antiquities of the Sa Huynh Civilisation. These ancient artifacts first appeared about 3,000 years ago and ended in the first century AD.

Through different excavations, archaeologists continually found traces of a civilisation, including about 500 burial jars containing many accompaniments, across the coastal central, southeastern, and Central Highlands regions.

Among those localities, Quang Ngai is considered the cradle of the Sa Huynh Civilisation as it is home to 26 relic sites among the over 80 sites discovered and excavated, he noted.

For more than a century, Vietnamese and foreign scientists have made efforts in studying this civilisation and achieved considerable strides. They have founded and recorded a large number of relic sites while collecting and restoring thousands of antiquities.

 The recognition of the Sa Huynh relic site in Duc Pho township as a special national one is a great honour and also gives Quang Ngai authorities and residents a responsibility to preserve and bring into play the site’s special values./.