Northern Ha Nam province saw a significant reduction in traffic accidents involving children following the 'Safe to School - Safe to Home' programme, implemented in the province since 2013.

The programme, developed by the Global Road Safety Partnership (GRSP), is a comprehensive, community-based education project working across sectors to protect children on the roads.

In Ha Nam, five participating schools within the Thanh Liem and Duy Tien districts were equipped with illustrative teaching tools and created management boards and student groups to monitor and raise awareness on the subject.

Tran Thi Phuong, Principal of Thanh Huong secondary school, said traffic safety has traditionally received minimal attention, but now, thanks to the initiative, her students and their parents can take part in mock road safety situations organised as an afterschool activity.

Instances of children riding without helmets and reckless bicycle riding have dramatically decreased, she added.

According to official statistics from Ha Nam’s traffic safety committee, between 2008 and 2012 there were 29 traffic accidents involving children within the two participating districts, resulting in 17 dead and 12 injured children. In 2014, no such cases were recorded.

Looking forward, the provincial administration plans to continue expanding the effective programme to other local districts.-VNA