The Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park in central Quang Binh province has reported three new species of eyeless spider in the park.

Dr Pham Dinh Sac, a scientist with the national Institute of Ecology and Fauna Resources, found the species in the many caves in the park.

The spiders all belong to the Pholcidae family. They are Pholcus bifidus, found in Tuong Cave, Pholcus caecus, in Thien Duong Cave, and Khorata protumida, in Bay Tang Cave.

The Pholcus bifidus is said to have different description of sex organ compared to other species in Pholcidae family.

The Pholcus caecus is tiny, has no eyes and has horns on its chest. The Khorata protumida differs from other by emerging hooks found on the upper jaw.

Earlier, Sac had discovered two new species of scorpions in the park.-VNA