A seminar was co-organised by the Vietnamese Embassy in France and the local authority of Paris suburb Choisy le Roi on March 23 to review the signing of the Paris Agreement that ended the war and restored peace in Vietnam.

Themed “1968-1973: peace negotiations from Vietnam to the world”, the event is the highlight of the commemorating week of the 40th anniversary of the Paris Agreement ( 27 January, 1973 -2013).

This is the initiative of Choisy Le Roi, a south-eastern suburb of Paris where the two Vietnamese negotiation delegations used to stay.

The seminar saw the presence of former Vietnamese Vice President Nguyen Thi Binh who used to be Chief negotiator of the Provisional Revolutionary Government of the Republic of Southern Vietnam.

Participants discussed three main topics, including the historical background and significance of the agreement, its impacts, and the views of Vietnam at present.

The event drew the attention and high evaluation of French friends, historians, and research experts in Vietnam. -VNA