Ways to overcome the middle-income trap and opportunities as well as challenges for Vietnam topped the agenda of a seminar held in the capital city of Hanoi on March 18.

Economists and experts from Vietnam and Japan along with representatives from a number of international organisations in Hanoi attended the seminar, jointly organised by Vietnam ’s National Economics University , Japan ’s Graduate Institute for Policy Studies and the Vietnam Development Forum.

Experts told the seminar that a lot of countries are falling into the middle-income trap, especially such developing nations as Vietnam , Malaysia and Thailand .

They pointed out challenges faced by Vietnam as its population ages while income remains low. They also discussed environmental policies to promote sustainable development.

The participants suggested diversifying forms of insurance to facilitate the population’s access to these products combined with promoting economic activities to boost the incomes of the elderly.

In addition, Vietnam needs to establish a group of policy makers with the participation of young, well-trained officials and experts to help the Prime Minister in the field./.