A 12-member delegation of the Republic of Korea (RoK) government officials and representatives from businesses operating at the Kumgang mountain resort in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea will pay a visit to this area on June 29.

The RoK’s Ministry of Unification said in its press release on June 27 that the visit, at the request of DPRK, aims to ascertain DPRK's position on property issues at Mount Kumgang as well as to seek measures to protect ROK businesses’ assets.

Tourism activities to Mount Kumgang have been suspended since 2008 after a RoK tourist was killed while venturing into an off-limit area.

Since then, Seoul has continued to ask DPRK to investigate the case as well as to ensure safety for RoK tourists. However, last year, DPRK unilaterally confiscated assets of RoK businesses at Mount Kumgang, which triggered more tension in the two countries’ relations./.