Singapore applies iris patterns, face scanning at all immigration checkpoints hinh anh 1Biometric marker system at Tuas Checkpoint (Source:

Singapore (VNA) – Singapore’s Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) has announced the application of iris patterns and face scanning as the main biometric markers for travellers at all immigration checkpoints, replacing fingerprints.

The agency said that travellers at the automated immigration lanes scanned their passports as usual and passed through the first set of flappers. At the second set of flappers, where their thumbprints will normally be checked, they were asked to look at a machine, which scanned their irises and facial features after they had removed their masks.

The system is currently for those who have enrolled their iris and facial biometrics with the ICA. Fingerprints will still be used if the other two biometric identifiers are not available. 

More than 2 million or 70 percent of Singaporeans aged six and above with valid passports have been enrolled, along with 130,000 permanent residents, the ICA said. 

The new technology has been piloted in Changi Airport and Tuas checkpoint since 2019

In 2022, the ICA intend to allow residents to be able to clear the immigration system even without presenting a passport

Children below six will not be eligible as their physical features and related biometrics are still developing./.