Singapore has kicked off a 10-year Nuclear Safety Research and Education Programme, announced the National Research Foundation (NRF) recently.

The programme includes a research initiative which will focus on radiochemistry, radiobiology and risk assessment; and an education and training fund that aims to train undergraduates and graduate students and support their overseas attachments.

In addition, the programme will cover nuclear policy research and public education on nuclear technology.

As many as 63 million SGD (roughly 50 USD) will be set aside for the programme for the first five years till 2019.

According to Professor Low Teck Seng, CEO of the NRF, the programme is important for Singapore as it needs to build up capabilities in nuclear technology, which is now pervasively used in many different industries.

Currently, nuclear technology is being used in Singapore in medicine for treatment and imaging, but medical physicists have to go overseas for training.-VNA