Singapore: Remdesivir approved for Covid-19 treatment hinh anh 1Remdesivir is being introduced in Hamburg, Germany (Photo: AFP/VNA)
Singapore (VNA) - The Health Sciences Authority of Singapore (HSA) said on June 10 that it had granted conditional approval for Gilead Sciences' Remdesivir, allowing infectious diseases specialists to administer the drug to treat some seriously ill COVID-19 patients.

The HSA approval was obtained within three weeks after Gilead filed for Remdesivir in Singapore on May 22.

Patients who can use the drug include those with low oxygen saturation levels less than or equal to 94 percent, or who might require supplemental oxygen or more intensive breathing support such as extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) - a type of life support, or invasive mechanical ventilation, the authority said.

According to the HSA, Remdesivir is the only treatment so far shown to benefit COVID-19 patients in a robust clinical trial. As part of the conditional approval, Gilead Sciences is required to collect the relevant safety data and to monitor the use of the drug.

The approval was based on clinical data from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases in the United States's global phase-three trial and another by Gilead, the drugmaker said in a statement.

Singapore participated in both trials and enrolled about 100 patients./.