Singapore is struggling to find alternative energy sources suitable for the city-state, said the country’s Minister for Foreign Affairs K. Shanmugam.

Talking with undergraduates from leading Asian universities on July 8, he stated that Singapore is unable to build wind power facilities due to land and space constraints, limiting the country’s ability to cut back on carbon emissions.

Singapore is currently relying on fossil fuels, and its usage exceeds that of other nations, he added.

To deal with the unsustainable consumption, the minister shared that policymakers are seeking feasible strategies and measures to tap alternative energy sources in the future.

According to experts at the Singapore Institute of Policy Studies, Singapore can either continue using natural gas to meet most of its energy needs or move to nuclear power in the next 50 years.

Business strategist Peter Schwartz said that nuclear power is ideal if Singapore wants to seriously address climate change and cut carbon emissions.-VNA