December consumer price index (CPI) increased slightly in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

Hanoi’s CPI rose 0.26 percent from the previous month, driving the city’s 2012 CPI up 8.57 percent from 2011.

Out of the 11 commodity baskets measured, only postal and telecom services were unchanged. The cost of transport services saw a decrease of 0.56 percent.

The highest price rise was recorded in garment and textiles, hats and footwear, with a monthly rise of 1.36 percent. The price rise of the remaining baskets, including housing, fuel and construction material; goods and other services; household goods and utensils; culture, entertainment and tourism; medicine and healthcare services; beverages and cigarettes; and food and restaurant services, fluctuated by less than 1 percent.

Meanwhile, in HCM City the index increased 0.17 percent from November.

The biggest price hike was in garment and textiles, hats and footwear, which rose 0.96 percent. It was followed by household goods and utensils, with 0.45 percent. Transport services fell by 0.75 percent. Only postal and telecom services were unchanged.-VNA