Soldiers make lanterns for kids during pandemic

This year’s Mid-Autumn Festival takes place in the context of the country still adopting drastic measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, especially in Ho Chi Minh City, the largest hotspot. There are no activities in the city to celebrate the festival as usual, but many children here still have joy when they received lanterns made by soldiers.

After hours of joining local anti-pandemic efforts, officers and soldiers from Division 5, Military Zone 7 have been focusing on making colourful lanterns as Mid-Autumn Festival gifts for children.

In addition to beautiful patterns, the soldiers have also painted their own images on the lanterns. All of the kids are excited and interested in the fancy new lanterns.

Officers and soldiers from Division 5, Military Zone 7, have actively worked with local authorities and sponsors to make nearly 2,000 lanterns for local children.

The warm sentiments of the soldiers are also a meaningful gift to the children./.