Representatives from land management agencies and scientists discussed how to improve land management information transparency at a recent conference in the northern province of Thai Nguyen.

A WB survey in the field showed that by 2014, only 70 percent of land management information was made public on the mass media and at offices providing public administrative service. The lack of transparency in this field was believed to be the cause of many petitions. An estimated 70 percent of prolonged lawsuits are related to land problems.

Delegations at the event, co-organised by the World Bank (WB) and Thai Nguyen University, asserted that the sophisticated regulations in the Land Law and underperforming land management information service systems are major contributing factors to ineffective land usage.

In an attempt to surmount shortcomings, authorised bodies have published land-related information on their local electronic portal, but the content is unsystematic and slow to be updated.

Looking forwards, electronic information management systems should be modernized and online services should be increased while minimising person-to-person transactions.

Authorized bodies should also improve public awareness of policies, the Land Law and mechanisms for land management.

Delegations also discussed pressing issues and actions to improve land administration in the country, especially the effectiveness and responsibilities of participating parties.-VNA