Son La: Muong Va tower bears Lao culture imprints hinh anh 1Muong Va tower (Source: VNA)
Son La (VNA) – Over 400 years ago, the Lao migrants got help from the Thai ethnic people in Muong Va commune, the Laos-bordered province of Son La, to build a tower that became a national ancient architectural relic of Vietnam in 1995.

Muong Va tower is deeply imbued with Theravada Buddhism brought in by the Lao people and it is considered the most ancient work in Sop Cop district and one of a few old architectures in the northwest.

The tower had been restored twice to its former glory. Now, lying on a 13m-high artificial hill, the tower boasts cultural and art values characterized culture and religion of the Lao ethnic group in the northwest and Son La in particular.

Atop the tower, tourists could see a panorama of Muong Va mountain village surrounded by stretching mountains, immense paddy fields and dreamlike streams.

Son La shares over 200km of borderline with Laos and is now home to upper Lao ethnic people, or 0.33 percent of the province’s total population, mostly in Sop Cop and Song Ma districts. Muong Va commune records their largest population who live on cultivation and rice farming.

The northern mountainous province of Son La’s Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism is considering a plan to offer tours of Muong Va tower.

Ngo Thi Hai Yen, head of the heritage management office from the provincial Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, said the relic affirms solidarity between Vietnam and Laos and cultural exchange between the Lao and Thai ethnic groups in Son La. - VNA